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Open plan kitchen units can be configured for a large sophisticated camp kitchen

Modular Camps

Large quick-feeding mess halls can be created with tented or modular kitchens

Modular Camps

Options For Modular Camps

Our container kitchen facilities and system kitchen facilities are designed to create relocatable and transportable modular camps with a huge range of configurations, capable of deployment anywhere in the world.

The units are based around a series of containerised kitchens and support areas that are linked together to form the required modular camps. For example we have standardised kitchens, stores, preparation areas and wash-up spaces that can be configured to the correct type and scale of camp kitchens needed.

Rapid Provision Of Modular Camps

Containerised kitchens and support systems make ideal modular camps, stackable up to 9 high with the option to create open plan facilities.

Our system kitchens can create even more sophisticated modular camps. With a wider range of customisation options they can form bespoke modular camps to your specification.

Lead in times for provision of modular kitchen units and container kitchen facilities is extremely fast with proven and rapidly deployable designs for modular camps ready to go.

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