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Our field kitchen units have been aiding the worlds military forces for 15 years

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Our mobile kitchen designs allow rapid deployment anywhere in the world

PKL’s Rapid Response division supplies specialist, permanent and mobile temporary kitchen facilities to a wide range of end user sectors around the world, including disaster relief operations, remote industrial projects and to military forces. Our range of products are especially designed for rapid deployment and include emergency and camp kitchen facilities.

Over the last 20 years, PKL has supplied mobile kitchen facilities to provide catering services for military and peacekeeping campaigns and at disaster relief sites. Our facilities are DROPS compatible and air transportable by fixed wing aircraft or helicopter ensuring that mobile kitchen facilities can be deployed where a requirement for a quick, efficient installation exists.

PKL’s, ISO rated container kitchen facilities, have been designed for durability and continuous operation, while provide the option for connection to electrical generators, water purification, water and wastewater storage, ensuring they can operate in areas where local services have been damaged, or are non existent.

PKL’s rapid response kitchen systems range from single modules to large open plan modular facilities, which provide a spacious, efficient working environment. We can provide a full range of support services, including dining and severy areas, ablution blocks and laundry units, for complete camp facilities.

All of our mobile kitchen units are constructed off-site in a factory-controlled environment in the UK. All required M&E and ventilation systems are fitted in the factory and engineered for the specific environment in which the kitchen will operate.

With over 20 years of experience in successfully delivering rapid response mobile kitchen units to remote international locations, our teams have a detailed understanding of the unique requirements of field kitchen, emergency kitchen or camp kitchen deployment.

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